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Introducing a BRAND NEW 6-month business mentorship, outlining exactly how to make good money and an incredible living in this industry while holding fast to your values.


STOP saying yes to shitty teaching gigs and START getting your time back, commanding more money for your services, and building a dream business ON YOUR OWN TERMS.


After building a 6-figure virtual business in less than 2 years, I'm pulling back the curtain on Circus Mobility and sharing all of my best practices in...


The Circus Business



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How about overwhelmed? Overworked? Maybe under-resourced? Need a nap?


☑️ Are you filling your evenings teaching so many classes that you don't have any energy left to train (& if you can't train, what's the fucking point)?


☑️ Do you find yourself teaching classes (or children) that are WAY outside of your skill set because you need the money?


☑️ Are you afraid of all of your clients going on vacation during the holidays because -holy hell- how will you pay the bills?


☑️ Are you pretty sure you are dead to your family for missing one gathering too many because you cannot take any time off basically ever?


☑️ Do you keep convincing yourself that just the next random certification is going to be the one to make new clients roll in, because it's worked so well in the past? 🙄


☑️ Do you wonder if there will ever come a day that you don't worry about paying your bills?! 

If you're anything like me, when you became a coach, you did it because you LOVED it.


It kept you up at night, thinking of new ways to move, new wraps, new drops. The creativity FLOWED.


It is all that you wanted to do, and you were THRILLED when someone was going to pay you to do it.


You felt honored. You felt chosen. You felt like you BELONGED.


You didn't think it was going to make you rich... but you also didn't think it would BANKRUPT you.




This mentorship program will show you exactly how I went from broke to $50k months as an aerial coach. That sounds like some serious bullshit. It is not. 


When you first started coaching, if you were lucky, you had someone mentoring you on how to teach footlocks and how to teach inversions. You learned how to spot. You learned how to rig. But odds are that you did not have someone holding your hand as you tried to figure out how to make a living doing this. No one told you that you'd have to be an entrepreneur to make this work. If you are an aerial coach working as an independent contractor, heads up... You are running your own business. You're just doing it without the tools in place to help you succeed.


Everyone will tell you that making money as an aerial coach is hard.

"This market can't support many coaches." 

"Rent is so high that studios cannot afford to pay a living wage."

"Don't quit your day job."


But no one tells you what IS possible.


I'm not only going to do that, but I am going to give you my exact playbook for starting to create sustainable revenue in your business, doing what you love, and doing it in your integrity.


I'm distilling everything I've learned and implemented over the last 2 years–from the over $25,000 I've invested in business mentorship–and sharing it with you for a fraction of the cost.




Why do clients who pay $125 for a private pilates session scoff at paying $25 for an aerial class?

Why do some aerial and pole studios frown upon their students training at other schools?

Why do aerial coaches typically get paid the same rate in an area despite large differences in their training and experience?


I can tell you from my decade+ of experience in this industry that:

  • that YOU create and set VALUE for your clients
  • an ABUNDANCE mindset moves the entire industry forward
  • having CLARITY around who you are and how you help people is the FIRST step towards having a profitable business


In this business mentorship, THE BUSINESS ACCELERATOR, I will cover exactly how I grew Circus Mobility and give you my toolkit to get started in growing your successful coaching business so that you can reclaim your time to train, create, and get back to why you chose to coach in the first place.


I will help you...

Get clear on WHO you help & what you're the absolute BEST at

so that you're attracting the RIGHT clients for YOU, ensuring the best results possible.

Get recognized as the AUTHORITY that you are in your niche

by creating content that contains VALUE for and builds TRUST with potential clients, even if you think you still have a lot left to learn.

Create an IRRESISTIBLE offer

that compensates you fairly and you know will SELL before you ever launch it because you've done your research.


Hi, I'm Jessica, a coach and mentor with over a decade in the circus industry and the founder of Circus Mobility. Three years ago, I packed up my life and drove across the country because what I had been doing was not working. I couple of years prior I had heeded the advice of absolutely no one and quit a career as a CIA analyst to pursue coaching and performing circus full time. I was "successful," I guess. I performed and coached internationally. I taught at the local studios. I had a company that won prestigious awards. AND I soon found myself physically exhausted and financially bankrupt. There weren't enough classes to teach, enough clients to help, enough funding to pursue. Math has never been my thing, but I knew that numbers did not add up.

So with 3 cats in tow, I found myself living with my mom in rural Oregon, commuting about 4 hours per day for the privilege of coaching in Portland where I made just enough money to cover the gas of my commute and maybe a stop at Burgerville to keep me from falling asleep during that drive home. It was rough, y'all, especially because I did not see a way out. I mean, I had a story that I told myself about moving most of my work online, but this was a time when online aerial coaching was still taboo in the industry. I had been coaching some clients online for years, writing training programs for performers on tour and helping folks with performance nutrition and cross-training, and I had a small Patreon offering aerial tutorials. So it made sense to expand in that direction, but who would my clients be?

Suddenly we found ourselves in lockdown. I had a full online class schedule up in a week. I had money coming in from Patreon. I was booking training program clients. Things were good, but I saw that they could be great. I saw that this pie in the sky idea I had could finally become a reality.

So I did what I know to do when I want to skip some of the struggle, when I need to skip the queue. I hired a coach and scaled my business to six figures in one year.

Connect with me on IG at @circusmobility.

""It has been an honor and privilege to work with you. I know I sound like a broken record, but I'm just so grateful. . . . It's never just about one thing, this is a whole ass perspective shift experience."

Brit Crumpton

"I love the brave feminist space that . . . Circus Mobility is and represents. I also love that Jessica makes herself so available for direct communication. I find dealing directly with the coach behind the program is so important. I feel cared for as an individual rather than part of a business machine!"

Jess Allen



I'm not an entrepreneur. I'm just an aerialist.

I don't have time to think, much less grow a business.

I wish I had the money to do this.

I'm just not ready for this yet. I barely have an IG.

This is not your daddy's business course. I'm not going to tell you it will be easy, because if it were, everyone would be doing it. But I will tell you that it's a hell of a lot less painful than the alternative.

If you are feeling STUCK as a coach in aerial, pole, or some other movement discipline that causes people to give you serious side-eye, this is the only business course out there built 100% for YOU.

No matter when you started or how far along you are, you are going to leave this session with concrete tools to build the future you see for yourself. You know, the one where you can afford fruity cocktails on a beach somewhere remote AND an accountant.



Work ON your business instead of always IN your business


--If I offered this content one-on-one, would cost $12k, but you get all the goodies for far less--


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