Start teaching more than just tricks & give to others what aerial gave to you. 





Brit Crumpton

"Cardinal is unquestionably the only mentorship program of its kind. Nothing else like this exists for the aerial community. Immense growth has come from my work with Jessica but this program in particular has given me all the answers I knew I needed and answers I didn't know I needed as a professional aerial coach. If you're a coach, RUN."


I have a bias for action myself so I love to reward my early action takers.

If you enroll in Cardinal between NOW and Tuesday NOVEMBER 7TH at MIDNIGHT PDT, you'll enjoy these early action bonuses:

I'm giving THE FIRST 5 PEOPLE TO ENROLL a one-to-one "Coaching Strategy Deep Dive" call this December, where we'll be doing a full AUDIT of what you teach and how you teach it, to put together a detailed course of action for your time in Cardinal, including how to increase your coaching efficacy and revenue. This is a $497 value. Only the FIRST 5 PEOPLE get this bonus, so if you know you're a hell yes, then grab your spot!

Every single person who enrolls in the FIRST HOUR gets a BONUS 2-HOUR SOCIAL MEDIA BOOTCAMP FOR COACHES. I'll tell you how to grow on social, how to build trust with your community, how to be prolific without taking hours each day, and best practices for IG/FB stories. This is a $497 value for anyone who enrolls in the first 24 hours!

Everyone who enrolls within the FIRST 24 HOURS will get a 2-HOUR FINANCE WORKSHOP.¬†This workshop will cover exactly what every¬†independent contractor or¬†¬†business owner should know about their business finances‚Äďways to track income and expenses and develop a plan for saving for taxes and paying themselves; do they need to be an LLC; what are allowable business deductions anyway? etc. This will give you a behind the scenes look on how to manage your own business finances.

Everyone who enrolls within the FIRST 24 HOURS will be placed in a drawing the exact recovery tools I use and discuss in Cardinal. This includes an Oura fitness tracker ring ($250 value) and a Hyperice Hypersphere  vibrating massage ball ($150 value).


All bonuses expire on Tuesday November 7th at midnight pdt.

I've heard enough. Sign me up!

I started coaching well before I was ready. 

In my first aerial coach's mind, you were ready to teach as soon as you could perform certain skills. So when I achieved them, I was given opportunities to teach.

So that's what I did. I taught what I knew. I taught the way I was taught. I taught what worked for my body.

And I got injured over and over teaching. I watched my first students get frustrated and not progress.

I knew that I was not giving them or myself what was needed to succeed.

Coaching aerial was everything to me, so I knew wanted to be better at it.

Maybe even the BEST. So I began a decades-long journey to fill what I saw as the gaps in my knowledge.

I studied biomechanics, fascia, somatics, dance movement analysis, nutrition, mindset... the list goes on and on.

Each training I took, podcast I listened to, or book I read expanded the way I thought of the issues that my clients were grappling with in the studio.

That learning caused me to ask different questions and offer new solutions.

I knew I could impact more lives.

My client's were experiencing BIG results, such as:

  • staying healthy while on tour with Cirque du Soleil
  • getting accepted into Ecole Nationale de Cirque
  • finally touching the rigging point in their climbs
  • getting their first straight-arm inversion or ayesha

What I am able to offer my clients, as I guide them with compassion and tough love, is not found in any current certification.

I want to share it with YOU, so that you can grow and propel the entire industry forward with you.

You want to be a GREAT coach.


If you've read this far, you know that being a great aerial or pole instructor is about more than just teaching what worked for you exactly how you learned it.

You have to:

  • understand and relate to your¬†STUDENTS who have full and complex lives¬†that they don't just leave at the door of your¬†studio
  • know¬†how their bodies work, not¬†just¬†the biomechanics of aerial work, but also¬†the nervous system and fascia, when to push someone and when to back off
  • be able to evaluate new clients, ones you have never met, deciding if they are physically prepared for a skill
  • create skill progressions that are¬†tailored to the strengths and weaknesses of your students
  • manage multi-level classes and deal with clients who do not state or even know their needs
  • be responsible for getting consent and creating spaces that all different types of people feel welcome and can grow within
  • help people at their own paces, on their own terms, and toward their own
  • grow your classes or client lists so that you can afford to live comfortably and to keep doing what you love with clients you cannot wait to work with

It is A LOT.

Why go it alone when there are tools to help?

Jess Allen

"I love the brave feminist space that . . . Circus Mobility is and represents. I . . . love that Jessica makes herself so available for direct communication. I find dealing directly with the coach behind the program is so important. I feel cared for as an individual rather than part of a business machine!"

Is CARDINAL for you?

This program is for you if:

  • you're¬†a circus¬†coach (aerial, pole, or other movement) with coaching experience who¬†cares about your students
  • perhaps you have taken a teacher training or done an apprenticeship, and thought, "wait, this is it?"
  • you have experienced misogyny and¬†stand against¬†all forms of hate (duh)
  • you have about¬†time to dedicate to analyzing and improving¬†your¬†craft
  • you¬†who want to be a LEADER in this field and¬†to use¬†your positional power to¬†amplify the voices¬†of marginalized communities
  • you're tired of foregoing training for teaching¬†classes that are breaking your body or private lessons with the wrong clients

This program is NOT for you if:

  • you're not a coach or you're a brand new coach
  • you're a circus bro who thinks you¬†have all of the answers or¬†has a one-size-fits-all mentality

I've handpicked the skills most essential to your success for this intensive.


These are the things that AREN'T typically included in any teacher training.

You will leave Cardinal with MORE than great coaching skills.

You will emerge as an industry leader.

I'm Ready! Sign me up NOW >>

Elisa Forcato

"I would recommend, Cardinal to any coach in aerial dance, who is really kind of feeling that something is missing and that really wants to make something more about it. If you have this kind of sensation inside yourself, do Cardinal."




Starting on January 1st, you'll get immediate access to all 16 main modules (not including any bonus trainings).


MODULE 1: Feminist & Anti-Racist Frameworks to think critically about how systems and power in the coaching relationship

MODULE 2: Space Holding & Consent to understand your role as a co-regulator and your ability create brave space

MODULE 3: Building Buy-In to increase trust & belonging and foster inclusive aerial/pole community

MODULE 4: Teaching Styles & Nonlinear Pedagogy to assess your strengths and weaknesses and better serve the diversity of your students

MODULE 5: Somatic Movement to understand ways to re-educate the nervous system through movement

MODULE 6: Coaching Communication Tools to understand motor learning principles, cueing, and attentional focus and be able to apply them in the classroom

MODULE 7: Skill Acquisition Principles to learn how to apply constraints to promote skill learning

MODULE 8: Movement Efficiency to optimize biomechanics and develop movement adaptability

MODULE 9: Postural & Movement Analysis to understand how breathing patterns impact posture and biomechanics

MODULE 10: Sleep & Recovery Tools to understand sleep, heart rate variability, and other recovery strategies to improve performance

MODULE 11: Program Design to create training plans for yourself, your students, and whole classrooms

MODULE 12: Shoulder & Hip Assessment & Function to explore common compensations for foundational aerial movements

MODULE 13: Core Assessment & Function to create stability, control, and power in the air

MODULE 14: Upper Back & Neck Assessment & Function for flexibility and stability in the air

MODULE 15: Goalsetting to help your students set the right goals for them and feel more satisfaction from their practice

MODULE 16: Marketing Your Coaching Skills because even a great coach still needs clients to coach




Access the Teacher Training Intensive to up-level your coaching and make massive impact in industry


NOTE: The Mentorship requires an application and will be capped at 10 students MAX since you'll be working with Jessica one-to-one.





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Don't Just Take It From Me...

Frieda Austin

"I learned so much about how I want to coach in the future. Cardinal gave me a community of peer coaches who are going through the same thing I'm going through."