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CARDINAL: the mentorship




What is a Cardinal? It is a leader. It is a conspicuous songbird. It is indispensable.


Cardinal: the Mentorship is both an academy for experienced aerial coaches and an immersion in building your personal power and brand to be a leader in this industry. 


Are you ready for Cardinal?


Why Did I Create Cardinal?

I started coaching well before I was ready. In my first aerial coach's mind, you were ready to teach as soon as you could perform certain skills. So when I achieved them, I was given opportunities to teach.

So that's what I did. I taught what I knew. I taught the way I was taught. I taught what worked for my body.

And I got injured over and over teaching. I watched my first students get frustrated and not progress. I knew that I was not giving them or myself what was needed to succeed.

I wanted to be a better coach. So I began a decades-long journey to fill what I saw as the gaps in my knowledge. I studied biomechanics, fascia, somatics, dance movement analysis, nutrition, mindset... the list goes on and on. Each training I took, podcast I listened to, or book I read expanded the way I thought of the issues that my clients were grappling with in the studio. That learning caused me to ask different questions and offer new solutions.

My clients began to see BIG results, ranging from staying healthy while on tour with Cirque du Soleil and getting accepted into Ecole Nationale de Cirque, to finally touching the rigging point in their climbs and getting their first straight-arm inversion or ayesha.

What I am able to offer my clients is not found in any current certification. And I want to share it with you, so that you can grow and propel the entire industry with you.

Is Cardinal Right For You?

This program is for you if:

  • you're a circus coach (aerial, pole, or other movement) with at least 1 year of coaching experience who is CURIOUS about human potential
  • you who have experienced misogyny and stand against all forms of hate (duh)
  • you have about 4 hours per week to dedicate to analyzing and improving your craft
  • you who want to be a LEADER in this field and to use your positional power to amplify the voices of marginalized communities

This program is not for you if:

  • you're not a coach or you're a brand new coach
  • you're a circus bro who think you have all of the answers or has a one-size-fits-all mentality
  • you never do the readings

What's Included in Cardinal?

If selected for this intimate 6-month group program—which I will only run once in 2023—you will get:


1) Weekly LIVE 2-Hour Workshops

I want you to have every single strategy, tool, and tactic that I use to help my clients succeed, to advocate for change in the industry, and ultimately to grow my business. So I will be hosting weekly live 2-hour workshops, which will be part teaching (topics listed below) and part implementation on your part. I'll be running you through exercises and discussions so that you know how to implement the tools and systems I have developed directly into your coaching.


Here's what we'll be covering in our weekly live workshops:

☑️ Feminism & anti-racism frameworks to think critically about the information we'll be absorbing and applying in our work

☑️ Trust & belonging to create buy-in and community

☑️ Teaching styles & methodologies to assess your strengths and weaknesses and better serve your students

☑️ Learning & creativity to understand how we learn to move and maximize teaching outcomes

☑️ Skill acquisition & motor learning to apply the constraints-led approach and differential learning to aerial technique

☑️ Imagery & cueing to understand how imagery works and when to adapt cues for different results

☑️ Somatic movement to understand the ways to re-educate the nervous system in the coaching context

☑️ Assessing capacity, readiness, & movement for exercise selection and progression

☑️ Movement efficiency to optimize biomechanics and develop movement adaptability

☑️ Program design to create training plans for yourself, your students, and whole classrooms

☑️ Recovery to understand sleep, heart rate variability, and other strategies

☑️ Shoulder & hip assessment & function to explore common compensations for foundational movements

☑️ The abdominal canister & psoas function to create stability and control in the air

☑️ The upper back & neck function for flexibility and stability in the air

☑️ Goal setting, motivation, & passion to help students set and achieve goals

These calls will be set based on the time zones of the group. You will have the dates up front. They will be recorded and posted in the Cardinal portal after the sessions.


2) LIVE Seminars from Expert Guest Coaches

Because I know what I don't know, I will also be bringing in GUEST COACHES for trainings from experts in their fields that will blow you away. Last year that included:

🤍 Adam Woolley talking about creating cultures of consent in coaching

🤍 Antonia Dolhaine exploring polyvagal theory, the impact of stress and trauma on the body, and leading a focused breathwork session

🤍 Marisa Michele diving into flexibility science from a fascia/nervous system perspective

🤍 Dr. Emily Rausch discussing scope of practice, strategies for working with physios & other medical professionals, body image, & disordered eating

🤍 Laura Jean talking about creating a values-based business

The sessions will be recorded and posted in the Cardinal portal afterward.


3) A Private Community for Connection & Discussion

In addition to everything above, you also get access to a private Telegram group. This is a place to connect and  share struggles and triumphs, ask questions, and build on concepts in the calls.

In this group, I'll be:

  • sharing a robust compendium of articles, podcasts, book excerpts, and anecdotes that will be relevant to our discussions
  • make announcements relating to our live calls
  • facilitate conversation and connection between you all 


4) Enrollment into Adam Woolley's "Alternatives to Traditional Teaching Methodologies"

No need for me to reinvent the wheel! Adam has put together a great short course on teaching methodologies that I am happy to offer to you all. 


5) Discounts on Additional Third-Party Courses

As Cardinal wraps up, I'll be sharing some discount codes if you'd like to dig deeper into the concepts covered in the course. There is always more to learn!

Frequently Asked Questions

Ready to invest in you?

If you've made it this far with a "hell yeah," I'm so excited to read your application!


For the FIRST TIME, I will be offering business coaching to Cardinal coaches concurrent to the coaching curriculum.


Now you don't have to wait until AFTER Cardinal is completed to apply the principles to an online coaching businesses. You can build your online coaching business while you're developing your coaching skills.


If you sign up for the Cardinal "Plus" option, you will also have access to 2 additional calls per month, focused on building your online coaching business, using methods that I KNOW work in our industry.


In 2023, Cardinal was $3997 and Cardinal Plus was $5497.


Since this type of mentorship is a BIG STEP and a significant investment, 12-month payment plans will be available.


Cardinal has an application process with limited spaces.

This program will be capped at 20 people so that we can explore what it means to be a coach in an intimate, brave setting.

Applications will open in November 2023.

Brit Crumpton

"Jessica has literally changed my life with her ineffable brain. . . . Training with Jess has given me an understanding of my body that 19 years of classical dance training was never able to do."

Jess Allen

"I love the brave feminist space that . . . Circus Mobility is and represents. I . . . love that Jessica makes herself so available for direct communication. I find dealing directly with the coach behind the program is so important. I feel cared for as an individual rather than part of a business machine!"