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Is Inversion Conversion Right For You?

If you give me the next 8 weeks, I will give you all of the tools you need nail straight-arm inversions... not for any body, but for YOUR body.

Are you...

  • frustrated that you have gotten this far in your training but still struggle with this foundational skill?
  • feel like something is missing in your approach but you need help and feedback to figure out what that is?
  • eager to dive deep into the technique so that you don't just do the thing, but understand why it is working and how to stay safe doing it over the long term?
  • looking for a training plan that will give you the most bang for your buck and leave you more time for the fun stuff?
  • self-directed but love the accountability and support from working in a group, instead of struggling to do it all on your own?
  • hoping to better understand this skill to either apply it to more advanced progressions or be a better coach?

If you said yes to any of the above, then this course is for you.

This group program is not for absolute beginners. It's for aerialists who have worked at least some on straight-arm inversions but cannot get them to feel effortless or be pain-free. There are no prerequisites besides a solid two-arm hang from any apparatus.

Why Inversion Conversion?

When I started training aerial over a decade ago, it was wild. Most of the knowledge we have today either didn’t exist or wasn’t easily accessible.

If your coach said "do a thing," you either trusted them blindly and did it... or you didn’t do aerial. Because those were your choices.

No one was there to tell me what was safe for my shoulders or how to gain overhead mobility. And surprise, surprise... I got injured. Badly. The doctors weren't exactly sure what was causing my pain, but I couldn't raise my left arm over my head and my shoulder would sublux in my sleep.

The amazing part is that I found a TEAM of movement professionals who I relied on as a sounding board as I self-rehabbed my shoulder. I radically altered my approach and learned everything I could about human movement. I became a Gyrotonic trainer. I studied nutrition. I got various movement certifications. I went ALL the fuck in. And it worked.

Today, you are so lucky. You don’t have to be a pioneer. There is so much information ready for the taking.

Speaking of ready, I'm ready to share everything that I have learned about biomechanics, mobility, strength training, and more so that you can skip the pain that I went through.

Why continue to struggle when your path can be easier than mine was?

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What Is Inversion Conversion?

It's an 8-week group online training program for aerialists who want to transform the way they approach straight-arm work.

It includes:

  • lifetime access to 8 video lessons that eliminate the guess work about the mobility, strength, and control needed for straight-arm inversions
  • lifetime updates on research relevant to the straight-arm inversion so that you can keep learning well past the 2 months that you're in the program
  • weekly "homework" that allows you to put principles into practice each week and see immediate results
  • a self-assessment that will give you a better sense of what's holding you back in this, and related, skills
  • an 8-week training program focused on straight-arm inversion technique, strength, and mobility, which can be easily integrated into your current practice 
  • 7 Q&A sessions via Zoom (recordings available) to provide regular opportunities for live feedback 
  • lifetime access to the closed Inversion Conversion community where you get nerdy with others that share your aerial goals
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What Does That Look Like Exactly?

Each week you'll get a video lesson delivered to your inbox where I will walk you through my Momentum Method for skill acquisition.

What's that? It's my philosophy and approach to acquiring any movement, which I've honed through decades of personal research. At its root, the Momentum Method is a series of discoveries about and experiments on your movement patterns, which seek to maximize your strengths, nurture your sovereignty, and manifest your technical and artistic goals. No one knows your body like you do so you should be in the driver's seat when it comes to training.


The first week focuses on self-assessment. If you don't know where you are, how can you be sure of where you're going or how to get there?  We will dissect what is essential to the straight-arm inversion. What it looks like on different bodies. What makes it "easy" and what makes it "hard." And then probably throw that dichotomy straight out of the window.


In the second week, I'll deliver your customizable 8-week training program AND we'll discuss how to adapt it based on your assessment and to your goals. We'll talk about programming for skill acquisition vs strength vs mobility. We'll discuss what impacts your success outside of the program and talk about mitigation strategies.


Each subsequent week will explore a different topic relevant to straight-arm work. We'll dive deep into: the shoulder girdle; the hip complex; breath and the pelvic floor; myofascial slings, fascia, and the nervous system; and motor learning. It will always be a lot nerdy, a lot practical, and a lot applicable beyond just the inversion itself.


Finally, we'll tie all of the principles together, pick up any loose threads, and discuss next steps in your aerial journey.

100% Money Back Guarantee

I am so confident that you will get amazing results in this program that it has a 100% money back guarantee. If you do the full training program, come to all of the calls, and do all of the homework and do not see any results, I will refund the full cost of the program.

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