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Master the PHYSICS, STRENGTH, & MOBILITY of buttery smooth straight-arm inverts with a proven system to banish shoulder pain, rib flare, & droopy booty.
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"Jessica's work WORKS!"

-Nicole Sirdoreus, Aerial Hoop Artist & Coach



Because what goes up must come down.

But first, let's back zoom...

Humans like to put things into boxes. Coffee is for me; tea isn't. Cats are for me; dogs aren't. (Not literally. Don't come after me tea and dog people.)

You might have heard, or even have said, "Bent-arm inverts are for me; straight-arm inverts aren't."


Odds are your¬†non-invert goals include a straight-arm invert. For example, a bent-arm invert often includes a straight-arm¬†lower down. And that uses the same muscles. ūü§Į¬†Straight-arm inverts are a piece of¬†many, many beautiful aerial puzzles.¬†

Without straight-arm inverts, you limit your movement options in the air. Limited options mean limited choreography, limited expression, and limited opportunities. Technique is what allows you to break ALL of the rules in the air.

Straight-arm inverts are for EVERY aerialist, because they are foundational. Now let's get to making them like butter.

Straight-Arm Inversions Are the Worst.

Ok, maybe not the WORST. But if you've made it here, they're probably keeping you up at night.

Do you feel...

  • frustrated that you have gotten this far in your training but still struggle with this¬†"easy"¬†skill?
  • like something is missing in your approach but you¬†just can't figure out what that is?
  • that no matter how much you work on them, they never get¬†much better?
  • embarrassed that you can't get something that others pick up so quickly?¬†

Or maybe you are a coach who...

  • can do this skill easily, but how you're teaching it isn't¬†clicking for your students?¬†
  • isn't confident about¬†how to break the invert down in a way that someone else can learn?
  • doesn't know how to help students condition the separate parts of the movement so they continue to progress instead of getting frustrated?

Oooof, I get it. I used to be there too. Whether you are an aerial student or a coach, you are always continuing to learn. If you said YES to any of the above, this class is for you.



When I started training aerial over a decade ago, it was wild. Most of the knowledge we have today either didn’t exist or wasn’t easily accessible.

If your coach said "do a thing," you either trusted them blindly & did it... or you didn’t do aerial. Because those were your choices.

No one was there to tell me what was safe for my shoulders or how to gain overhead mobility. And surprise, surprise... I got injured. Badly. The doctors weren't exactly sure what was causing my pain, but I couldn't raise my left arm over my head & my shoulder would sublux in my sleep.

The amazing part is that I found a TEAM of movement professionals who I relied on as a sounding board as I self-rehabbed my shoulder. I radically altered my approach & learned everything I could about human movement. I became a Gyrotonic trainer. I studied nutrition. I got various movement certifications. I went ALL the fuck in. And it worked.

TODAY, YOU ARE SO LUCKY! You don’t have to be a pioneer. There is so much information ready for the taking. And, listen, I know you don't have time to waste.

Speaking of ready, I'm ready to share the things I have learned about biomechanics, mobility, strength training, & more so that you can skip a lot of the pain that I went through.

You don't have to continue to struggle not knowing if what you're doing is "right" or right for your body!


Here's How It Works:

  • You get 3 meaty hours of instruction on straight-arm inverts.
  • If you tag me in your Instagram videos, I'll give you PERSONALIZED FEEDBACK to help you progress more quickly.
  • My goal for you is to UNDERSTAND what's not working & why, so that you can target the hell out of it in your training & GET RESULTS.
  • You will have lifetime access to the recording, which you can use to REVIEW & PROGRESS your technique.

Hi, I'm your coach, Jessica JohnūüĎčūüŹĽ

I'm the founder of Circus Mobility. I stumbled upon circus as an adult, & I was hooked from my first aerial silks class. At that time, I was a leadership analyst at the CIA with a weird hobby. Slowly but surely I allowed that weird hobby to take over my life. I became an aerialist & eventually a master coach to aerial & pole performers & teachers all over the globe.

My coaching philosophy is evidence-based & multidisciplinary, addressing technical, strength, mobility, nutrition, mindset, & creative challenges as they arise. I use sport & exercise psychology theoretical frameworks to design performance programs that help my clients achieve their goals through habit-based change. My practice is applied & practical, aimed at helping driven aerialists reach their highest potential.

You're here because you want more options. You're sick of feeling run-down, beat up, & like you're just treading water with your skills or coaching.

You know that you need to do something different. Well, you're in the right place. You're my people.


Frequently Asked Questions


Who is Inversion Conversion: The Masterclass for exactly?

It is for aerialists and pole dancers at all levels struggling with performing or teaching straight-arm inverts. The inversion is a foundational aerial movement that has different strength & mobility demands depending on the individual. Learning all of the pieces of the movement makes it not only more accessible but also more efficient and look effortless in the air.

What if I am more advanced or I am a coach? Will I still benefit from this?

You definitely will! You will come away with tidbits you might not have even realized were happening in your body that will make your invert more efficient and smooth. If you're a coach, you'll come away with new strategies to coach the skill & progress the movement on different bodies.

Is this course live?

No. This 3-hour masterclass was recorded live in 2022. The content is still timely, and there have not been any major changes to the way I teach this content since that time.

I still have questions.

Email me!