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Is The Conclave Right For You?

I’m looking for a group of driven aerialists who want to spend the next 3 months hitting their mobility, strength, and technical goals.

This program is not for beginners. It is for aerialists whom have tried other methods and programs and:

  • want to spend their limited time on the drills that will have the most impact on their success, instead of doing a bunch of random exercises from cookie cutter programs
  • look at their training holistically, strategically, and realistically, instead of trying to fit a bunch of disparate off-the-shelf programs into their busy lives
  • are self-directed but appreciate having measures of accountability and feedback built into their practice, instead of struggling to do it all on their own
  • know that the devil is in the details and are ready to dive into them to finally end the cycle of chronic injuries instead of just going through the motions

Why The Conclave?

I've been coaching circus now for over a decade. It's my passion. But I also grew up in a gym. As I progressed as an aerialist, there seemed to be little connection between the evidence-based practice I was used to and the way that aerial artists trained.

It's not that those aerialists and coaches had it all wrong. In many ways, training for skill acquisition tops just training for a heavier deadlift. But as research dollars have skipped over circus, traditions have also trumped science. And artists have faced stagnation and injury.

Do you want to train like a 10-year-old rhythmic gymnast or some Russian straps guy from IG?


Do you want to train like the most badass version of yourself?

That means evaluating what's limiting you--whether it's mobility, strength, or proprioception--and then giving you targeted drills to address those specific issues. You're not being plugged into a magic formula. Your needs and goals, and your strengths and weaknesses shape your experience in The Conclave.

Don't miss this opportunity to crush your short-term goals and ensure you're on target to hit your reach goals too!

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What Is In The Conclave?

The Conclave is a 3-month, customized, online training program for aerialists. It includes:

  • a short, medium, and longterm goals and values assessment to understand how your training fits into a full life
  • a mobility, strength, and technical evaluation, which will be used to inform your programming
  • a 13-week progressive training program designed for your body, your equipment, and your goals delivered via the TrueCoach app
  • regular form checks on any exercises and drills included in your program
  • weekly check-ins in TrueCoach to report how you're feeling and to troubleshoot the week ahead
  • a 30-minute 1-on-1 session to explain the results of your evaluation and your programming
  • weekly group call to answer burning questions that arise in the course of the program and get live feedback
  • a searchable database of questions asked and answered during group calls for when you don't have time to watch the full replay
  • an online group to connect with other Conclavers, who share struggles and questions, during the program
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3 Months of Fully Custom Programming

Driven by personal goal-setting and a custom evaluation of your mobility, strength, and technical baselines. Adaptable to the realities of your life, no one else's. Delivered on TrueCoach with regular form checks and feedback.

1-on-1 with Jessica

Ensuring that you understand why you're doing the work you're doing so that you prioritize the the drills that will have impact.

Weekly Group Calls

An opportunity to ask questions and learn from others who might ask the questions you'd never think to. Archived and catalogued so that you can search for what you need without watching the full replay.

Frequently Asked Questions


Applications for Cycle 4 will go out to the waitlist on August 4, 2022.