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3 months of custom programming with feedback for seasoned aerialists & pole dancers
who want faster & safer results than you get from a cookie-cutter program

Is The Conclave Right For You Right Now?


Are you a driven aerialist or pole dancer who wants to spend the next 3 months hitting your mobility, strength, and aerial technique stride? 

Do you:

  • want to spend your limited time on the drills that will have the most impact on your success, instead of doing a bunch of random exercises from cookie-cutter programs?
  • want to look at your training strategically and realistically, instead of trying to fit a bunch of disparate off-the-shelf programs into your busy life?
  • feel pretty self-directed but appreciate having measures of accountability and feedback built into your practice, instead of struggling to do it all on your own?
  • know that the devil is in the details and are ready to dive into them to finally end the cycle of chronic injuries?
  • have the time, the access to training space, and the mental and emotional capacity to devote to aerial training from February 27th through May 28th?

The Conclave is not for everyone, and it is not for everyone right now. This is the 5th running of The Conclave so I have had a front row seat to the folks who ghost half way through the program and the folks who knock their goals straight out of the atmosphere. I will not accept people into the The Conclave whom I do not think I can help, and I cannot help people who don't ask for it.

The Conclave is not for beginners. I love supporting beginners so they can embark on their aerial journey with solid foundations. But The Conclave is for seasoned travelers who have been flying long enough to have experienced some hits and misses.

Why Choose The Conclave?

I've been coaching circus now for over a decade. It's my passion. But I also grew up in the gym.

As I progressed as an aerialist, there seemed to be little connection between the systematic, evidence-based practice that I was used to seeing working in a health club and the way that many aerial artists trained.

It's not that those aerialists and coaches had it all wrong. In many ways, training for skill acquisition tops just training for a heavier deadlift. But as research dollars have skipped over circus, traditions have trumped science. And artists have faced skill stagnation and chronic injury.

Do you want to train like a 10-year-old rhythmic gymnast or some Russian straps robot from Instagram?


Do you want to train best for YOUR body and discover the most badass version of YOURSELF?

That means getting real real about your strengths and weaknesses; discovering your mobility, strength, and motor learning deficits; and using targeted drills to address your specific challenges.

Maybe you've tried a program that you thought was custom but you soon realized customized is not custom and everyone on the program was doing the same damn thing?

In The Conclave, you're not being plugged into a magic formula. There is no magic formula. You, your needs, and your goals shape your experience in The Conclave. And that experience yields mad results.

Your goals aren't going to crush themselves.

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What Do You Get In The Conclave?

The Conclave is a 3-month, custom, online training program for experienced aerialists. It includes:

  • help assessing your personal values and aerial goals to better fit training into your busy life without compromising who you are outside of the studio
  • an in-depth evaluation of your mobility, strength, and technical strengths and weaknesses, so that you are not wasting time on drills not suited for body and its specific needs
  • a 13-week progressive training program built to help you reach your short-term goals AND prepare you for that next level, because you're going places
  • regular form checks on any exercises and drills included in your program so that you are sure you're getting the MOST out of each exercise
  • weekly virtual check-ins to inform real-time program adjustments (because sometimes a drill just isn't working) and to troubleshoot scheduling challenges (covid, child-care issues, minor injuries) hiding in the week ahead so you can stay consistent
  • a 30-minute live 1:1 coaching session with ME to discuss the results of your assessment, what's in your program, and why (who else has been given a program with no clue about the order, the exercise selection, or the program design)
  • a group kickoff call on aerial mindset so that you're prepared for whatever gets thrown at you when life gets life-y
  • a searchable database of common questions with video replies and the opportunity to submit your own questions throughout the program
  • a private group to connect with bomb likeminded people to support you while you're going through similar struggles

3 Months of Fully Custom Programming

Driven by personal goal-setting and a custom evaluation of your mobility, strength, and technical baselines. Adaptable to the realities of your life, no one else's. Delivered on TrueCoach with regular form checks and feedback.

Live 1:1 with Jessica

Ensure that you get the cues and explanations you need so the drills in your program have maximum impact. Understand what is holding you back from your goals.

Kickoff Mindset Call

Start the 3 months with the mindset tools you'll need to course correct when motivation wanes, imposter syndrome crops up, or other challenges set in.

Exact Outcomes Conclavers Experience

Everyone comes into The Conclave with their own specific wishlists for their bodies. (That's kinda the whole point.) Then we work together to turn those wishlists into reality by setting achievable markers grounded in foundational technique.

Yep, your shoulders are going to get more stable and your upper back will open. Your hip mobility will improve. These things will happen if you put in the work, no matter which specific goals you set for yourself, because they are at the foundation of what we do in the air.

Past Conclavers gotten their first straight-arm inversions, releases, elephant presses, pain-free back flags, single coil rolls, cheststands, touchdown in middle splits, and more.

The exact results you can expect from The Conclave depend on your individual goals, but your outcomes will no doubt be increased strength for, mobility for, and understanding of the skills you are going after.

What Is the Cost of The Conclave?

The Conclave is a high-touch 1:1 coaching experience, and it has sold out every time I've run it. I've tried to keep the program as affordable as possible. The investment is more affordable than most online coaching programs in the fitness space, which range from $400/mo to upwards of $1000/mo.

While I've done my best to make this as accessible as I can, I also want to encourage you to stay accountable to the program and to continue to show up for yourself. Investing in yourself is but one way of holding yourself accountable.

The investment for The Conclave is $415/mo for 4 months or $277/mo for 6 months. Or you can save 10% by paying in full ($1500).

As a self-run and self-funded small business owner, if you can afford to pay in full, I'd really appreciate it. I offer a 10% pay-in-full discount, which is based on actual costs for software, time, and Stripe processing fees to administer payment plans.

I'm happy to discuss payment plans further OR to chat about if this program is right for you. Just send me a quick email at [email protected]

Questions You Might Be Asking Yourself

Don't Just Ask Me, Ask the Alums...


What would you tell people who are considering The Conclave?

  • "It makes a huge difference to have someone as knowledgeable and caring as Jessica take a look at your training holistically and help you structure your goals. I feel supported working towards my goals and appreciate having a thoughtfully set schedule to follow that is also flexible if I need it to be." -Jessica DuRousseau, Cycles 2 & 4
  • "Conclave is brilliant and Jessica's programming methodology and ethos is outstanding. If you want to thrive in your aerial practice, to have someone super knowledgeable tailor your training to identify and work on your weaknesses, find consistency and accountability and to make tangible goals in skills, strength and flexibility then this programme will be one of the best investments you ever made." -Jess Allen, Cycles 4 & 5
  • "Just do it. Goals/progress take work to achieve and through a well structured, organized, and curated like the Conclave you will see your goals come to life. Your progress may not be overnight but you will find things getting easier, your body getting strong or more flexible at a safe a realistic pace. As aerialist we spend tons of money on stuff (rigs, new apparatuses, Swedish ladders, etc.) Why not invest money in your body and its overall health and well being too?" -Tamara Kenessey, Cycle 4
  • "If you're looking for personalized quality feedback and cueing then this is totally for you. Little things I wouldn't have thought of like moving my arms up a bit more or closing my ribs even more were so helpful! Be ready to work and learn all about the joys of rolling!" -Sarah Headley, Cycles 3 & 4
  • "I always tell [people] it's not just exercises to help you reach your goals but it organizes your life." -Mona Almazidi, Cycles 3, 4, & 5
  • "The Conclave is phenomenal for skill acquisition! The details in the cueing are amazing and all the programming is specific to your body and your needs. I have inadvertently retrained skills I thought I had and am now so much stronger in them and am so much more stable!" -Tabitha Duquette, Cycles 1-4
  • "Do it. Spend the money. You will absolutely crush your goals with Jessica’s guidance and/or get an invaluable amount of “tools” in your training tool box to further your practice on your own." -Lara Hotz, Cycle 3-5
  • "This program has helped me reach goals I was starting to doubt I would ever be able to achieve. I knew I had the strength to achieve them, but also knew there were key elements I was unable to piece together on my own. Jessica is so incredibly knowledgeable and was able to put those pieces together so I could understand and train the right aspects to achieve those goals. I love the amount of consideration for each person's goals and schedules that is taken into account when the programs are created. If you are someone looking to reach that next goal, level up, or just want the accountability of a program designed specifically for you, this program is for you." -Kelly Cunningham, Cycles 3 & 4
  • "Highly recommended, especially for people training alone and needing the extra push to improve or polish their skills!" -Sahar Deinparvar, Cycle 4
  • "It is the smartest decision you will ever make." -Alaa Alturki, Cycles 1-5

What makes The Conclave different from other programs?

  • "It is targeted and so personal. In the best way." -Heylie Heck, Cycles 2, 3, & 4
  • "I really enjoyed the personalized feedback each week if I posted videos. Having the additional cueing that's within the next day and ready for me the next workout was so helpful! Also the changing of exercises so I was always adding something new made things so fun!" -Sarah Headley, Cycles 3 & 4
  • "I love that it’s so comprehensive and looks at your training schedule as a whole not just flexibility or conditioning and also takes in to account work, family and other commitments. I honestly was feeling overwhelmed before The Conclave trying to fit in all the things!" - Claire Luckman, Cycle 4
  • "The combination of solo work and feedback. I feel like most programs are written for that person and then they are left to their own devices." -Nicole Sirdoreus, Cycles 3, 4, & 5
  • "The mobility and flexibility assessment makes this program different from other standardized programs. The program is written based on your goals and assessment." -Vanessa Sirois, Cycle 4
  • "I felt supported by my coach and fully equipped to make the progress I was shooting for. I have never been so excited to workout. Skills that I have struggled with in the past are now within reach." -Amy Johnson, Cycle 4
  • "I don't feel like I'm doing a bunch of one-size-fits-most exercises. Jess has a totally different approach than other coaches I've met. The drills each have very specific purposes that help you meet your aerial goals." -KT McBurnie, Cycles 4 & 5
  • "You have personal feed back. Not a cookie cutter method. She looks at what YOUR body is doing and gives corrections based on your feedback. It’s been a game changer having a coach that actually listens to you about what struggles your having with your goals and tailors it to you- rather than the “your just not *insert be excuse here* enough”" -Lara Hotz, Cycles 3-5
  • "The variety of exercises was nice. I've been in the game a long time and done a lot of different progressions, but every workout had things I've never done." -McKell Anderson, Cycle 4
  • "I find The Conclave to be very whole-person centred and deeply responsive to my shifting needs/energy levels/commitments across the cycle. I love the inclusion of breathing and nervous system regulation exercises as part of workouts and Jessica draws from her huge knowledge base (Gyrotonic, dance, etc.) to program some really inventive drills that have helped me progress in ways where other things have failed!" -Jess Allen, Cycles 4 & 5
  • "I don’t know of another program that is individually designed with opportunities for almost daily feedback, and weekly adjustments, that targets specific goals. That is the coolest part. I learned a bit how to break a skill into component parts, which will serve me in my training, but I also expect I’ll find myself joining the Conclave again for the unique programming, and the skill [Jessica has] in doing that for people." -Heather Griffin, Cycle 4
  • "Very comprehensive, lots of options for exercise-specific feedback." -Giselle Garcia, Cycle 4

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